my favorite fall/winter trends

19 Dec

cool/cold weather is my absolutely favorite to dress for! you get to wear layers, boots and scarfs. there is nothing better for the inner fashionista than unlimited accessorizing possibilities! because I live in NorCal I’m lucky enough to avoid the transition into winter clothes and have pretty much kept my wardrobe consistent since october. below I’ll highlight my favorite right now trends and how to make them work for you!

1. riding/military boots.


tall low-heeled boots are my go-to footwear all fall/winter long. they allow me to combine my love of skinny jeans/jeggings with a multitude of tops and accessories and the results are always polished. I can dress my outfits up with dark denim and a sequin top paired with a pair of black riding boots and a bright red lip or spend a sunday in a local cafe typing away in black cotton leggings from Target, an oversized blouse cinched at the waist with a belt (both thrift store finds) and a couple gold accessories for a comfy, cute completed look. the possibilities are endless! I have an affinity for neutral colors (black, brown, camel, charcoal grey) that way I have a fair amount of versatility. I’m partial to boots that have details like buckles or zippers  in metallics (gold, silver) for an added splash of shiny (I LOVE shiny things). you can go a couple ways with buying riding boots: you can invest in some high-quality leather boots that will last you more than one year (I especially suggest this for those of you who live in cold/wet climates) or you can purchase some less expensive man-made versions that may only last one season. I’m currently rotating a pair of brown and a pair of black boots from Payless that I don’t expect to last for next season but have held up well so far. in the meantime I’m saving up for a couple solid, more expensive pairs that I can count on for several seasons.

2. denim shirtsImage

I must admit that I resisted this trend for a long time (all summer actually). but I’m glad the denim button-up can easily translate into fall/winter without much problem. I treat my denim shirt (I only have one right now) as I would a neutral–pairing it with other muted colors, brights (red rockstar skinnies from Old Navy), animal prints and even pastel colors. I like keeping them a little oversized (even larger than the one pictured at right) for a belting option (waist-cinching is always in style!) or layering under a blazer, cardigan or a v-neck sweater.

the denim shirt can give an understated, andro-sexy look by fitting loosely while allowing little peeks of clavicle and cleavage if you so choose. FIT IS EVERYTHING. in haste, the other day I grabbed a second denim shirt from Target without trying it on only to discover once I got home that the fit was all wrong and it really hugged in places I’d rather not accentuate. needless to say, it has since been returned.

bonus tip: keep your denim shirt around for the summer when you can pair with a white/light flowy dress and some moto boots like this fantastic ensamble here or even half-tuck (more on this in another post) into some bright yellow shorts and nude wedges for a flirty weekend outfit.

3. the scarf

Imagewearing a scarf is an artform. the key is to look like you just threw it on, the trick is that it never looks good when you just throw it on! there are, literally, a bazillion ways to tie a scarf but for this post we’ll focus on how scarves can be a go-to accessory all season long (and even into the summer!). My favorite everyday accessory all fall/winter has been, hands down, my leopard-print infinity scarf from Old Navy ($14.99). I pair it with corduroy blazers at work, light weight hoodies for running errands, stripes and other patterns for a bold look or even just a basic t-shirt and jeggings. the pattern itself draws attention to you and makes your look appear intentional and polished. added bonus is that it keeps your neck warm! choose scarfs in bright colors or patterns to add extra flair to any ensamble. choose a length and volume (if you will) that makes sense for your body type. if you’re short and/or apple-shaped go for a less voluminous scarf option as to not add bulk to your mid-section. think about colors that will accentuate your complexion, not wash it out. above all–think outside the box with your scarf choices. be bold and daring and try out combinations that are unexpected, you might be surprised by the results.

4. short dresses/skirts w/ patterned tights and moto boots/booties

ImageI have this theory that if you wear tights with a short dress but also wear flat heeled boots the dress appears less slutty and more sophisticated. being 5’10”, it is nearly impossible to find dresses that are really, truly, the proper length which is why patterned tights are such a revelation. they allow those of us in our mid-late-20’s the confidence to wear a dress/skirt that may be on the short side without feeling like you should be falling over from too many cosmos at a 19-and-up club. this pairing may not be for the colder of climates but for those of us in moderate weather year round it’s one of my favorite fall looks (I’ve provided two versions here–one in dress form and one in skirt form).


so there we have it! my top 4 favorite trends for the fall/winter season. leave your comments and/or questions below and I’ll respond to each one. find a little fly today!


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