be bold 1: short hair, don’t care

22 Dec

the be bold series will chronicle ways, both large and small, to step outside the box and take risks on the pursuit of finding your fly. I hope you find this series both entertaining and inspiring.


here’s me with a bunch of hair on NYE 2011

I never thought I’d have short hair. I spent the majority of my teenage and early 20’s keeping my hair chemically relaxed and beat down with blow dryers and flat irons. I slowly transitioned out of chemically relaxing my hair and began to embrace my natural texture but remained a firm believer in keeping a copious mane. I always thought that only skinny girls could wear short hair, that my face would look fat or that I somehow needed to make sure I looked feminine and the only way to do that was with a munch of heavy hair framing my face. then I decided I wanted to try something different.


here’s me with a bob

I experimented with asymmetrical bobs at first, short in the back and long in the front. which happened to be quite popular with folks. and I enjoyed the lightness that came along with shorter hair.


pinned sides.

then I started experimenting with pinning my hair up on one or both sides to mimic a shorter haircut and see how I liked it. I still wasn’t ready to go all the way with a short cut.

in this time period I was entering my mid-20’s and was a lot more sure of myself. I felt more attractive and got a better handle on my own personal fly, how to dress my body, what make-up looked best, etc. but most of all the beauty that comes along with youth began to fall away and was instead replaced with a more mature and adult undrstanding of what beauty is and how it’s directly related to confidence in one’s self, mind body and spirit.

in 2011 I graduated from my Master’s program at UCLA and a few months later was hired at a job in Oakland, CA. if you know anything about the East Bay it’s that it has its own sense of fly. everyone can be themselves, even more so than LA and as a result you will run into people who interpret their own fly in a multitude of ways.

Imageafter living in OAK for a few months I decided that I was ready to make a drastic change with my hair. when I went home for the holidays I went to my trusted hair stylist and told him “let’s do this.” my first time going short mirrored what I’d tried out by pinning my hair.

cutting my hair, and this is not hyperbole, was an extremely freeing activity. i gained a better understanding about what makes us feel beautiful. I gained a better appreciation for not only my own beauty but my femininity. in a culture where the length of your hair or the size of your breasts are supposed to be an indicator of how beautiful you are I felt as if I was defying those expectations by just existing in my own skin! it was empowering, inspiring and most of all fun! I have had more fun with short hair than I ever thought possible. my personality is naturally spunky and outgoing and pretty outrageous and short hair lets me be me without hiding behind a mess of hair. I feel confident and bold and interesting just waking up and walking out of the house in the morning. my hair is low maintenance which suits my lifestyle of biking to work and working out frequently.


most recent short cut 12/22/12

just a few days ago I decided I wanted to go bold again (my hair had been growing back for several months and I was playing around with the idea of continuing to grow it out just for the heck of it). as I’m sitting in the chair deciding with my stylist (again, while I’m home for the holidays) what to do we both decide to just go for it. and this time, we decided to go hard or go home.

my short hair makes me feel fearless. my short hair makes me feel beautiful. my short hair makes me feel interesting and bold and feminine. most of all, my short hair makes me feel like myself. and I’m glad that at the age of 27 I am radically and uniquely me and not afraid to be just that.

if I wish anything for you in the new year it is to be bold in some way that brings you closer to your fly. for me, short hair got me a step closer to realizing my full self. what’s a bold step towards your fly that you can take today?


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