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how to get over a breakup in 7 easy steps.

12 Jan

1. you have ONE day to mope. that doesn’t mean that after that one day you can’t be sad about it–it’s going to hurt for awhile. what that does mean is you have ONE day to be unapologetically, woefully, ice cream eatingly, mope-tastic. You have one day to curl up in your most comfy clothes and sob while watching cheesy love stories or my favorite: especially heinous crimes brought to you by Dick Wolfe and the cast of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. After that, it’s chin up, and move forward.

Image2. clean out your social media and cut ties. this one makes most sense if you know this relationship is completely dunzo and especially if you don’t see further communication happening. this is especially important if you’re not the initiator because you will certainly be tempted to reach out in some desperate plea for a change of heart or you’ll become consumed by urges to Facebook stalk. do yourself a favor and delete their number or change to something that reminds you of the real state of the relationship now. Continue reading