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happy hour.

11 Sep
happy hour.

Cowboy boots

Marc Jacobs leather handbag
$770 –

Lucky brand jewelry

Lucky brand jewelry

Club Manhattan gold jewelry
$33 –


chic chick.

11 Sep
chic chick.

Blue pencil dress

Kurt Geiger pointy-toe pumps
$390 –

Raxevsky bracelet jewelry
$13 –

night out.

11 Sep
night out.

Zara blouse

French Connection legging

Fendi pointed-toe pumps
$660 –

Nomadic neon yellow purse
$110 –

sunday stroll.

11 Sep
sunday stroll.

Enza Costa sleeveless top
$97 –

Balmain stretch skinny jeans
$590 –


21 May

humpday fly: new green pants, so many possibilities!

3 Jan

we’re a day late but still fly! I am smitten with with green pants right now! I think they are a fun way to add a splash of color in the dead of winter. I really like them with a white blouse and gold accessories for a chic look, dress it up with a metallic top or make it a comfy weekend at the cafe blogging (not that I do that or anything!) outfit by pairing the green pants with an oversized sweater or a fitted sweatshirt. a pair of camel boots rounds out this look. click the photo for more information. find a little fly today.


humpday fly: saturday errands

26 Dec
every wednesday I’ll drop off a little fly inspiration in the form of a humpday fly look. click the image to find learn more about the items featured, or use what you already own to create something similar. Each month I’ll be sure to make two of the humpday looks cost less than $100!
I LOVE the look of mint green skinnies with neutral shoes and a cropped t-shirt. the brown bag adds a richness to the outfit and will hold all of your saturday errand necessities. let me know what you think!

saturday errands.

be bold 1: short hair, don’t care

22 Dec

the be bold series will chronicle ways, both large and small, to step outside the box and take risks on the pursuit of finding your fly. I hope you find this series both entertaining and inspiring.


here’s me with a bunch of hair on NYE 2011

I never thought I’d have short hair. I spent the majority of my teenage and early 20’s keeping my hair chemically relaxed and beat down with blow dryers and flat irons. I slowly transitioned out of chemically relaxing my hair and began to embrace my natural texture but remained a firm believer in keeping a copious mane. I always thought that only skinny girls could wear short hair, that my face would look fat or that I somehow needed to make sure I looked feminine and the only way to do that was with a munch of heavy hair framing my face. then I decided I wanted to try something different.

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my favorite fall/winter trends

19 Dec

cool/cold weather is my absolutely favorite to dress for! you get to wear layers, boots and scarfs. there is nothing better for the inner fashionista than unlimited accessorizing possibilities! because I live in NorCal I’m lucky enough to avoid the transition into winter clothes and have pretty much kept my wardrobe consistent since october. below I’ll highlight my favorite right now trends and how to make them work for you! Continue reading

Image 19 Dec

wintertime fresh